We provide specialized custom home automation installations such as HD surveillance camera systems, multi-room audio systems and a selection of advanced electronic improvements for today’s high-tech homes. We are the best and most innovative company in Lexington, Jessamine, Scott, Fayette, Frankfort, Anderson, Woodford, Berea, Bourbon and Clark, KY, that can integrate your home installations to provide a high-quality home automation system for your convenience.


The efficiency and advantages of having your home automated is endless. If you are heading out for the day and forgot to the doors, turn of the off lights, or the security system is not armed. You can remotely automate your home system even if you are away. All you have to do is press away a button to coordinate it all. Want to light your pathway or trigger the garage door before your arrive? Our home automation system at TDO Home Entertainment can do it for you. With just a press of a button, you can remotely turn on the TV, start the movie, light the fireplace, or dim the lights. You can even remotely adjust the thermostat before you arrive from your home. Life has never been so easy or comfortable for you and your family.


When it comes to the integration of multiple systems and technologies, we excel in providing a solution that not only is proven and functional, but customized for everyone’s taste and environment. Home automation is about simplifying your life and making your home your favorite place to be. Let us help plan out an electronics system that is simple to use, properly balanced, efficient and cost effective. We will work with you to learn about your specific needs and lifestyles and make recommendations on our vast experience in the industry.


TDO Home Entertainment work with customers of all budget-sized design and integrate custom home automation system that optimizes performance and value. Nowadays, home automation systems have become much better and more widely used due to the embrace of smart homes’ numerous advantages. In fact, it’s these advanced smart home services from cable providers that help drive the smart home services market. This innovative advancement in smart home has helped along by the emergence of new software-powered devices, alarms, alerts, or entertainment system which your phone or cable company can provide. Smart home services are more than just home security; it can also be integrated for climate control in your home.