Whole-Home Audio

The ideal system for playing music all throughout your entire home should be simple to incorporate and control. It should be flexible, dependable, accessible and trouble-free to operate. Your whole-home audio system should provide access to all the music you want to hear, and anywhere you want to listen to. Your music can be on your PC, laptop, or network storage device; no matter where your audio system is, it should provide a better streaming system and sound quality in your entire home. An excellent whole home audio system should be able to play music in any room, from any source, regardless of the distance. A great system will work in any situation you come up with.

Our home audio system can connect to your network, so you can control and regulate it with your Wi-Fi equipped smartphones. We have specialized units that can also be used outside for your portable devices. Having an ultimate whole-home audio system in your home is possible, coming from a single location and operating many sound sources like CD, internet streaming or radio which can be broadcast throughout your entire home – inside and out. Each room has complete control to listen to different sound sources at the same time, with beautiful controllers featuring video displays to provide visual listening information. The whole home audio structure uses a high quality technologic system that carries all the signals from a central source. The wires carry audio signals to each room, where they are amplified via keypads. With our system installation, the audio source chosen from any one room plays in all of the rooms. These audio systems allow you to play different sources simultaneously and with significantly high quality audio.

Whole-Home Audio systems are no longer reserved for the wealthy. There are a variety of systems on the market now that cater to any taste and budget. Let us explore the options with you and help you decide on which solution works for your lifestyle. New technology also allows us to help you free your music. Listen to your iPod in the bedroom, jam out to your favorite radio station in the kitchen, relax to your favorite iTunes playlist on the patio and pool, or wirelessly stream music from your guests’ iPhone or Android during your dinner party. If you don’t currently have wiring for house music, we can deliver wireless solutions when needed, or retrofit wiring to key locations to provide the perfect solution. Call us now for more information on our whole-home audio services! We are also serving Jessamine, Scott, Fayette, Frankfort, Anderson, Woodford, Berea, Bourbon and Clark, KY.