Cutting The Cord

If you’re thinking about cutting the cable to save some money, you will surely need a good over-the-air antenna to watch some of your favorite shows. Unlike the faulty, low grade antennas installed by your old providers, TDO Home Entertainment equips your television sets with crystal clear, state-of-the-art coverage 24/7! By giving up your outdated cable and satellite and switching to our dependable over-the-air-antenna, you can use it in conjunction with your Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services.

This allows you to watch your local news, sports, prime time shows, PBS, without the monthly bill. Get dozens of local channels, public broadcasting stations, and other channels—all for free, in crystal clear HD. The products and equipment we use in installing over-the-air antenna are warranted and our professionals have obtained the necessary certifications, so you can expect nothing but consistently mind-blowing entertainment for your viewing pleasure! Did we mention our antennas are capable of withstanding the toughest environmental damages, extreme weather conditions and interrupted receptions? Indeed, our company guarantees that the service you receive exceeds your expectations without blowing up your budget.

We are open to serving home owners in Lexington, Jessamine, Scott, Fayette, Frankfort, Anderson, Woodford, Berea, Bourbon and Clark, KY. Upon request, we will immediately proceed to your doorstep and assemble your very own hi-tech antenna in as easy as 1-2-3! Don’t be left out and call TDO Home Entertainment now for more information on how you can avail of this wonderful innovation in TV viewing! We look forward to serving you!