Outdoor Audio/Video Installation

You can now customize your outdoor with Audio & Video Home Entertainment system that suits your needs, turning your ideas into reality for your home. We are dedicated installers who can hook up everything from a simple TV mounting to outfitting audio systems. No project is ever too large or too small, and there’s nearly nothing we haven’t seen or done before.

TDO Home Entertainment Systems brings your favorite music, TV, and movies outdoors and makes it all easy to use and access. Outdoor audio video options include basic stereo systems to full outdoor theater systems. Newer Weather-resistant outdoor speakers are available which gives more consistent sound coverage and specially-made outdoor woofers for your landscaping. We have multiple camouflaged speakers which can be hidden throughout your outdoor space providing a very even sound coverage. This allows a lower overall volume level while filling your yard with full sound over a much wider area. Your music system will certainly be heard, even though it can’t be seen. If you would like to enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies outdoors, our special weatherized flat screen TV’s may be exposed to the weather elements and feature specialized screen coatings to minimize the glare of bright outdoor environments. We can even install an ultimate backyard theater system entertainment if you desire.

You can remotely automate your audio & video components outdoors and have seamless control of them from roaming handheld remote controls or even home automation touchscreens that will active your outdoor entertainment system by the time you arrive home.

Our professionally trained installation team will not only do detailed installations to ensure everything is hooked up and working perfectly, but they will also guarantee that you know how everything works after the project is done, so you can start enjoying your new outdoor Audio & Video system right away. Furthermore, if you need something custom-made outdoor home entertainment system, our design centers employ engineers who can build you just about anything to make your new outdoor audio video home entertainment system work its best in your space. We have the design, engineering and installation team ready to accomplish all your needs. We have years of experience and we’re ready to take on any project.

A new breed of outdoor products has come to market and they are better performing, longer lasting, and more attainable than ever. With weatherproof TV’s, speakers, and high-performance outdoor products available, that boring patio or backyard space can now be an entertainment hotspot for your home. Bring the game outside on a high-definition flat panel television, jam out to the latest hit songs on your in-ground landscape music system, or enjoy high fidelity background music. With brands like Episode, SunbriteTV, B&W and more, we can provide an outdoor solution for every taste and budget. Our services are available at Lexington, Jessamine, Scott, Fayette, Frankfort, Anderson, Woodford, Berea, Bourbon and Clark, KY.