Conference Room Installation

The conference room is an integral part and crucial area of any business. This is where deals are negotiated, debated and closed. It is a collaborative environment; a ‘think-tank’ situation room where both local and off-site CEOs, stakeholders and team members alike participate in the key-making decisions that steer the company in the desired direction. That said, our company, TDO Home Entertainment can build cutting edge, and highly functional conference rooms for big and small businesses. Depending on the size of your building or office, we can generate a design that effectively uses space, as well as incorporate useful features like proper lighting, furniture and basic facilities to complement your brand new working environment.

The exquisite and operative conference rooms we install are great to be used for the following occasions and purposes:

  • Meetings
  • Training
  • Seminars
  • Collaboration
  • Board Room
  • Presentations and more

Additionally, in order to foster an environment where ideas can flourish, we dedicate our best efforts, our comprehensive experiences and advanced skills and knowledge to create a versatile and reliable audio and visual solution that suits your unique needs and space. Our ingenious enhancements range from a single projector and screen, to multiple monitors, web conferencing, integrated audio, video and total control systems. By creating a space conducive to learning, creative thinking and high concentration, we let many businesses flourish and take smarter steps towards overall ideal growth and development.

Be among the companies in Lexington, Jessamine, Scott, Fayette, Frankfort, Anderson, Woodford, Berea, Bourbon and Clark, KY who have experienced the positive difference brought by TDO Home Entertainment’s world class conference room installations! Visit our office now and we would love to be of service to you!