TDO Home Entertainment was The Dish Outlet for many years. But we had to evolve to full entertainment and security to keep up with growing demand and interest. The Dish Outlet was started on Palumbo Drive in Lexington, Ky in the mid-1990s when the big 6ft satellite dishes were the thing to own.

From there technology kept evolving. Everything moved from free over the air transmission’s to satellite providers from Dish Network and Direct TV. But as the internet age came technology changed again and so did our business model. We grew to flat screen TV mounting and audio installation. Then a short time later we added security cameras which could be viewed in-home or office televisions, computers and smartphones. From there, new devices and technology were constantly changing and evolving that we had to keep up or fall behind.

Eventually calling ourselves The Dish Outlet didn’t make much sense anymore. We were doing far to many home theaters and security cameras and it began to hurt us more then help us. Customers were unaware of our involvement with anything other then Dish Network and to a even lesser extent Direct TV. Thus TDO Home Entertainment was born. With a new location on 242 Big Run Road in Lexington KY, 40503.

The name and address change gave us a new identity and allowed us to better represent what we offer. We have been in business for almost 20 years and our experienced trained installers will work with you to get the most out of your home theater and various technologies. Let us be part of the solution not the problem. Call us today for a free quote or estimate.