At TDO Home Entertainment, we offer cable head end products and services. Cable head ends include a satellite dish that has the ability to provide access to users in multiple different rooms or locations in a building. You might be wondering about the benefits that your business can gain by fortifying your office with a head end cable.

Firstly, this helps cut down on company costs. The goal of every business is to turn a profit and finding cable for less money is one easy way to do this. While installing your own unit is not only a money saver for the business, it is also a revenue generator.  With this type of installation your business becomes the “cable company”, and you can charge residents at more reasonable rates. Unlike high paying cable companies, we help many entrepreneurs generate better revenue. This is also especially true for businesses that want or need to provide quality TV viewing services to multiple individuals, in multiple different rooms. Some of the businesses in Lexington, Jessamine, Scott, Fayette, Frankfort, Anderson, Woodford, Berea, Bourbon and Clark, KY that experienced the amazing convenience brought by our cable head end products:

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Residential Care

Access to TV can be especially beneficial for people with mental or physical limitations.  It can provide entertainment to patients or customers, making it an overall better experience. Establishments offering health care to numerous individuals can also use this as a tool for communication and spreading better awareness on how they can adapt a healthier lifestyle.

Apartments & College Dorm Rooms

Apartment complexes have the ability to advertise the fact that TV service is included in the rent.  This allocates additional profit for apartment owners by increasing the amount charged from a tenant monthly. It’s a win-win situation because our clients can make more money, while offering their tenants an affordable option when it comes to cable.  It is a more practical way to cut down on their budget because it will still be more affordable than if the tenant were to purchase cable on their own. At the same time, you are able to make a bigger profit because this is an affordable way to provide multiple people with cable.

Hotels, Motels, and more!

Hotels, especially the high-end types, will definitely need to provide their customers with high quality TV access.  If the person is willing to pay a high price to stay per night, you definitely want to give them every amenity and more than they would typically have at their own home.  Motel owners can also install a head end unit as a means to make more profit. They can put the signal in certain rooms and charge the people who are willing to pay for access to TV.  This is an effective way to grow your customer satisfaction because you can still offer affordable prices, while adding entertainment options for customers. It is an ultra-affordable option for a business that requires cable to run on multiple rooms.  You can spend less on the cable bill, while not sacrificing on speed, options, or quality service.

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