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TDO Home Entertainment relies on the applications and integration of new technological advancement in satellite TV viewing, and we continue to explore, improve and invest our facilities and services to provide high-quality entertainment for your homes. Refining this capability to design, develop and implement numerous top-end systems to create efficiencies in our procedures allow us to give a quality satellite TV entertainment for our clienteles. TDO Home Entertainment is one of the most prevalent DIRECTV and Dish TV installation and service companies in Lexington, Kentucky. We serve countless customers each month in single family homes or local businesses. Our fixed installations are typically done in a few hours, after a site review has taken place. A site check basically inspects a chosen connection that has a line of sight to the encircling satellite.


We currently operate in over a number of local offices to deliver the ultimate television viewing customer experience. If you are not interested in satellite TV, we will help you procure cable internet and TV service from your local provider, and coordinate integration with the systems in your home. We can also make recommendations based on individual needs, performance, and integration capabilities.


Moreover, our TDO Home Entertainment Senior Leadership Team brings several years of innovative and operational experience to bear from leading industry companies such as Onkyo, Dish Network, DIRECTV, Angie’s List, and BBB accredited business. The staff and crew that represent our company are satellite technicians who have received the highest level of support, and ongoing training directly from our senior leadership, field operations and supporting teams. After completing a thorough screening process, our skilled technicians have undergone a difficult training platform. They are specialists in product information, performing installation, customer education, and addressing customer service concerns.


See the world through the eyes of your own satellite TV system and enjoy unlimited cable TV viewing. All channels and shows are clearer so you can experience an exciting world of TV entertainment all in high digital quality.