Have you ever wondered what happens at your home when you’re not around? Are you longing for the convenience and security of being able to determine the identity of the person at your front door through the use of a surveillance camera? If so, then wonder no more with our state-of-the-art surveillance systems at TDO Home Entertainment!

We are located at Lexington, Kentucky but we are also open to serve the following counties:

  • Jessamine
  • Scott
  • Fayette
  • Frankfort
  • Anderson
  • Woodford
  • Berea
  • Bourbon
  • Clark

Each of our technicians is equipped with professionalism, comprehensive experience and unsurmountable inventiveness when it comes to assembling and installing a high quality security system for your property. Through a simple consultation with our experts, we can immediately pinpoint the best camera models and the most suitable features that custom fit your specific needs and preferences. With a wider array of facilities available, like high definition cameras, vandal proof lenses and cameras with built-in visualizations for IR and night vision as well as pan, tilt and zoom features, we can surround your property with 360° security, 24/7!

Apart from that, we provide value-based analog systems, high-performance and digital IP systems and more. Most of our systems include remote access, Mac & PC support, smartphone & tablet compatibility, and all these are included at no extra charge. We can even integrate your surveillance system with your home automation system by displaying your cameras on your televisions and touch screens throughout your house. More importantly, once all the connections and wiring are successfully installed, your surveillance cameras are highly durable against any type of security infringement or environmental damage.

If you want to ensure your family’s full protection, trust the company that understands and prioritizes customer safety, convenience and demand for reasonably priced service. To avail our excellent products at TDO Home Entertainment, dial 859-335-1644 now! We look forward to serving you!