Are you tired of fumbling through multiple remotes and menus just to watch TV? Let us remove the hassle of using your entertainment system and provide you with a universal remote solution that meets your needs. Serving Lexington, Jessamine, Scott, Fayette, Frankfort, Anderson, Woodford, Berea, Bourbon and Clark, KY, we can provide you with anything from a basic IR/RF remote, to a fully integrated remote solution allowing control from touch screens, iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, Macs, and PC’s. Whatever your taste, we have a solution, and an app for that. We carry all the top brand programmable remote controls, or when necessary, we can even program your cable or satellite remote to control your TV. Simplicity is the name of the game and we will give you the ability to control all your electronics from anywhere in your home and even remotely.

Our universal remote control device allows you to connect to any channel for streaming cable, satellite, DVD, and other electronics. TDO Home Entertainment has the most commendable remote control device to handle your TV viewing setup. In addition to amplifying the sound signals, the keypads transmit infrared remote control signals back to the audio equipment source. Anything you can do with your source equipment’s remote control, you can also do from any room that has a keypad. We will make sure to place them in locations that allow easy from the panel distribution module and to the speakers and make sure they’re in the line-of-sight from where you plan to use the remote control.


Our years of experience can assist on how your system works with the use of our universal remote control device. Technology constantly changes that is why we do our research for you so you can be informed with all the decisions about your project. We work closely with you to tailor your system to perfection in a low-cost budget.